Fast-food Drive-through Window Robberies on the Rise

Fries don't come with that.
Fries don't come with that. Photo: Christopher Tompkins/iStock

Last week, a man clambered partway through the drive-through window at a Florida McDonald’s, waved his gun in the clerk’s face, and ran off with cash from the register. It all happened “lickety-split,” but it seems that the hit-every-fast-food-joint-on-the-highway man may be at it again: Police say a similar robbery, which took place early Monday morning at a Burger King drive-through lane less than twenty miles away, was likely related. While the prospect of attendants swiveling burgers and fries around a bullet-proof lazy Susan is more depressing than most fast-food scenarios, it may come to this at franchises everywhere, judging by recent drive-through holdups at a Houston McDonald’s and several Boston Dunkin’ Donuts locations. [Orlando Sentinel, Bay News 9, Houston Chronicle, Earlier]