Police Locate Suspected Arby’s Groper Through Trail of Curly Fries

Good work, everybody.
Good work, everybody. Photo: Courtesy of Arby's

A female employee working the pick-up window of an Arby’s in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, called police last week after she was groped by a man in the drive-through lane who had just placed an order. After providing a description of the fast-food perv, police tracked down 36-year-old James Cowan, who had parked at a motel a mile away. Police say they were able to zero in on Cowan after they discovered “a trail of Arby’s curly fries and sauce” leading directly from his car to his motel-room door. Cowan, who probably wishes he had opted for the relatively untraceable chopped side salad, now faces an indecent assault charge. [NBC]