Former Hershey’s Factory Set to Switch to Weed

It's for my glaucoma!
It's for my glaucoma! Photo: Courtesy of Hershey's

The fragrant aroma of tempered chocolate that once filled the air in Smith Falls, Ontario, may soon be replaced with something downright skunky if medicinal-marijuana producer Tweed Inc. wins approval to open a massive “hydroponic hub” in the town’s old Hershey’s factory. The company says 1 Hershey Drive is the perfect spot and hopes to open by spring, much to the delight of the town’s mayor, who’s not only looking forward to a resurgence of jobs in a town that’s been economically depressed since Hershey’s closed down in 2008, but is reportedly also a wholehearted supporter of the product. Dennis Staples even imagines the rebooted industrial complex as a sort of weed-tourism destination for the little town once known as the “Willy Wonka Wonderland of Eastern Ontario.” If Health Canada gives them the go-ahead, there’s really no reason at all for that moniker to change. [HuffPo, Ottawa Citizen]