Bock What? Chicken Nuggets Are Mostly Nerves, Veins, Cartilage

Gray matter in your white meat.
Gray matter in your white meat. Photo: uravms/Flickr

Would you rather eat a chicken nugget that’s almost 50 percent “fat, blood vessels, and nerves,” or maybe one that’s 60 percent “fat, cartilage, and pieces of bone”? Because these seem to be your most readily available options, based on samples taken from two unnamed “national food chains” and tested in a lab by Baptist Medical Center and University of Mississippi Medical Center researchers.

An executive for the National Chicken Council counters that the study is flawed because it only looked at two pieces “out of the billions of chicken nuggets that are made every year.” One of the researchers tells Reuters he agrees the sample size was way too small to merit consideration as a serious study, but also contends, in a way, it was just large enough to put all kinds diners off eating chicken nuggets ever again.

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