Carlo Mirarchi on the Changing Face of Bushwick

Neighborhoody! Photo: Gavin Thomas

“I don’t really know about that. But what I’m impressed by is the short amount of time, five years really isn’t that much time, but the neighborhood has changed so much in that very short period. I guess the main difference is that it’s a neighborhood now, and when we first went there, it was much, much, much more industrial … But now, it feels much more of a neighborhood, like now you can actually go out in Bushwick and spend a night in Bushwick doing things, or an afternoon, or whatever. You definitely could’ve done that five years ago, but you would’ve had way fewer choices.” — The Roberta’s and Blanca chef, whose cookbook comes out this month, likes how much the neighborhood has grown since 2007, bespoke pizzas and all. [Bedford + Bowery, Related]