First Look at Bubby’s New Meatpacking Outpost, Open 22 Hours a Day

Architect Richard Lewis also worked on Balthazar and Marea.

Ron Silver's opening a third location of his popular Tribeca diner this week (there's a Bubby's in Japan!), and it's conveniently located right across from an entrance to the High Line. Like the original, it'll serve comfort food around the clock, but this location also has a takeout window (which will offer pulled-pork sandwiches and tacos after 11 p.m.), an outdoor café, and a dessert shop with an old-fashioned soda fountain. Plus: There's an impressive coffee program, with Blue Bottle and Stumptown beans. Check out the space, the food, and the menus, straight ahead.


Booze.Photo: Melissa Hom


The Roadside Burger.Photo: Melissa Hom


Kale salad.Photo: Melissa Hom


Ribs with Texas BBQ sauce.Photo: Melissa Hom


Chocolate-chip cookies, gingersnaps, chocolate turtles, and Bubbyfinger Bar.Photo: Melissa Hom

Breakfast [PDF]

Brunch [PDF]

To-Go/Lunch [PDF]

Dinner [PDF]

Overnight [PDF]

Bubby's High Line, 73 Gansevoort St., 212-206-6200