Spoiler Alert: Adweek Ruins Top Chef Product-Placement Surprises

Can you spot the Kraft cheese?
Can you spot the Kraft cheese? Photo: Courtesy of Justin Stephens/Bravo

When the newest batch of contestants start cooking competitively tonight on Top Chef, don’t be surprised if you see this season’s hopefuls brandishing Philadelphia-brand cream cheese, which they may have paid for with a Chase Sapphire Preferred Card after navigating the French Quarter in a suave new Corolla. According to breaking news from Adweek, these companies are among Bravo’s season-eleven sponsors. Additional, “non-linear integrations” include a Top Chef: Home Edition companion ad series branded by Kraft Recipe Makers in an apparent continuation of its bid to infiltrate dinner tables with jaded TV food personalities doling out Colicchio-style critiques. For your own at-home challenge see if you can spot all the product integration from Kraft, Cigna, Chase Sapphire Preferred, and Toyota. [Adweek]