Chef Responds to Bourdain Over ‘Irresponsible’ Seal-Hunt Industry

Best seal ever.
Best seal ever. Photo: Shutterstock

After Anthony Bourdain called out chefs on Twitter earlier this week for supporting the Protect Seals campaign, which seeks a moratorium on seal slaughter with a boycott against Canadian seafood, Virginia-based chef Cathal Armstrong spoke out against “irresponsible people out there that are not following the regulations” within the industry. Armstrong tells CBC News that it’s “a difficult choice” to support a boycott of Canadian seafood, which will have clear effects on the families who depend on the industry, but says that Bourdain’s rant won’t put an end to the campaign. Armstrong insists that the need to put pressure on the commercial seal industry outweighs any potential ramifications: “To think of a baby seal being clubbed to death simply for its pelt and then anything else being wasted is sinful.” [CBC, Earlier]