Bloomberg Speaks Out Against Chefs ‘Bitching’ Over Letter Grades

There's no crying in restaurant inspections.
There's no crying in restaurant inspections. Photo: Derek Storm/Splash News

All you restaurant owners who may have issues with the letter-grade inspection system, let it be known that Mayor Bloomberg has no patience for your whining. At least that’s how he put it at last night’s Galien Foundation gala, where he essentially called the system’s critics big babies: “Those that don’t want to clean up their kitchen, I know why they’re bitching,” he scoffed. “The restaurants, they get fined, don’t like it. They rush to elected officials [saying], This is not fair.

Bloomberg left the crowd with some advice before flying away into the night like the trans-fat -busting Batman he is: “I would suggest: Don’t eat in a restaurant unless they have an A.”

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