Banksy’s Sirens of the Lamb Truck Makes Babies Cry

Bah. Photo:

The artist’s whirlwind “Better Out Than In” NYC tour took on the meat industry with a “slaughterhouse delivery truck” that’s been spotted puttering around Cobble Hill, Carroll Gardens, and — where else? — the meatpacking district. In Sirens of the Lambs, four puppeteers make the adorable pigs, chickens, and cows peering from the side of the truck wriggle and squirm as ear-splitting squeals emanate from within the vehicle, which is driven by an affable-looking farmer type in overalls. The whole thing, maybe, is statement about suffering: Amid the menacing banjo plucks of the accompanying audio guide, accessed via the 800 number emblazoned below the “Farm Fresh Meats” sign on the truck’s door, we’re told that the anonymous street artist once worked in a butcher shop. The truck is mobile for the next week, so expect more reactions like the confused and terrified children in this footage. Warning: You can’t unsee those glass-marble eyes. [Banksy Official Site]