WSJ. Magazine Proves April Bloomfield Is a Very Busy Chef

Another day, another butchery demo.
Another day, another butchery demo. Photo: Courtesy of Levi's

The October 12 edition of WSJ. Magazine shadows the Spotted Pig chef-owner as she hustles throughout the streets of San Francisco, where she and business partner Ken Friedman are just about to reopen the legendary Tosca Café in North Beach. Bloomfield samples 33 different kinds of cheese at Cowgirl Creamery, drops $714.48 on custom-made knives, and takes crib notes at the greenmarket in advance of writing the restaurant’s first menus. Among the things we learn along the way: The chef will follow up last year’s debut cookbook, A Girl and Her Pig, with A Girl and Her Greens, and later this month she’ll join the likes of Sean Brock and Alex Stupak when Cook It Raw — the globe-trotting, foraging, eating, and drinking summit for chefs — makes its U.S. debut in Charleston. [WSJ. Magazine, Related, Related]