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WSJ. Magazine Proves April Bloomfield Is a Very Busy Chef

Another day, another butchery demo.

Another day, another butchery demo.Photo: Courtesy of Levi's

The October 12 edition of WSJ. Magazine shadows the Spotted Pig chef-owner as she hustles throughout the streets of San Francisco, where she and business partner Ken Friedman are just about to reopen the legendary Tosca CafĂ© in North Beach. Bloomfield samples 33 different kinds of cheese at Cowgirl Creamery, drops $714.48 on custom-made knives, and takes crib notes at the greenmarket in advance of writing the restaurant's first menus. Among the things we learn along the way: The chef will follow up last year's debut cookbook, A Girl and Her Pig, with A Girl and Her Greens, and later this month she'll join the likes of Sean Brock and Alex Stupak when Cook It Raw — the globe-trotting, foraging, eating, and drinking summit for chefs — makes its U.S. debut in Charleston. [WSJ. Magazine, Related, Related]


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