Yuengling Ice Cream Back in Production After 30 Years

The new logo is an update on the old Yuengling's logo.
The new logo is an update on the old Yuengling's logo.Photo: Courtesy of Yuengling Ice Cream

The original Yuengling’s Ice Cream brand vanished in 1985 when no family members felt particularly compelled to get into the dairy business, but now the brand is set to return to freezers in March of next year. Don’t look for lager in this pint, though: While beer man Frank Yuengling opened the dairy as a side project in 1921 to offset Prohibition-related losses, the newly revived ice-cream brand has little to do with the modern Pottsville brewery, and second cousins Dan and Dick run their respective companies pretty much independently of one another. The ten new flavors, which will be available in various East Coast markets, may not contain any lager, but at least the Black and Tan, made with Belgian chocolate and salted caramel, is a sweet little nod to the other family business. [Citizen’s Voice]