Will Goldfarb Returning to New York to Cook at Louro

It's been a really long time since we ran this photo.
It's been a really long time since we ran this photo.Photo: Melissa Hom

It was just twelve years ago that Paul Liebrandt and Will Goldfarb had New York’s restaurant critics plunging their faces into brackish kelp water to recover tiny nori-wrapped nuggets of foie gras torchon with their teeth at Papillon. Times have changed; Liebrandt cooks at the Elm, and five years ago, Goldfarb left New York for Bali to work and develop his line of proprietary modernist-chef products. Next Tuesday, Louro chef David Santos and house bar man Mayur Subbarao welcome the visiting chef for a one-night-only collaborative dinner at the West Village restaurant; the menu starts with a cognac and “frozen Chartreuse bubbles” cocktail and moves right along to uni tempura and foie-and-blueberry pudding. Tickets are $125; check it all out here. [Underground Eats]