Torrisi Italian Specialities Tweaks Dinner Format

Torrisi Italian Specialties
Torrisi Italian Specialties Photo: Hannah Whitaker/New York Magazine

The Nolita restaurant has raised the price of its lunch and dinner menus to $100 for eight to ten courses, up from $70 and $80, respectively, and the extended, whirlwind twenty-course tasting menu is kaput. But the bigger changes at Torrisi Italian Specialties extend beyond menu pricing, partner Jeff Zalaznick tells Ryan Sutton: Torrisi’s cooks will now play a more active role by plating meals tableside and explaining components of the food. Meanwhile, the ever-changing daily menu will be more ingredient-focused and dynamic than before. “You may get a different dish than the person you’re dining with, and the table next to you may be getting some different dishes than what you’re getting,” says Zalaznick. [The Price Hike]