FiDi Getting Bar for Muckrakers Who Love Classic Cocktails

Photo: Vimeo

Documentary filmmaker and writer Kate Albright-Hanna wrapped up a crowd-funding campaign for her forthcoming FiDi bar Tarbell last month, but the soon-to-open establishment for “writers, artists and troublemakers” is still raising money through the sale of chocolates with a pioneering muckraker theme. Tribeca Citizen notes that the bar intends to open at 145 Nassau Street complete not only with a “secret scheming room” and solid cocktail list, but also with room for activists to present projects, filmmakers to show rough cuts of documentaries, and so on. “It’s urgently needed right now, ‘cause there’s a lot of stuff that needs changing, but there’s also lot of fun that needs having,” says early adopter Ben Wikler. “Those shouldn’t be separate, those should happen in the same place.”

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