Smorgasburg Launches New Vendor Video Series


Ever wonder how Landhaus makes its pork-belly BLT? What’s the secret ingredient in a peach-flavored People’s Pop? These important questions will be answered in Smorgasburg’s new “Munchies Moments” series. Vice produced fifteen videos that showcase how food vendors prepare their signature dishes, and there will be one video posted daily over the next three weeks. “Folks like Hugh (Mighty Quinn’s), Dave (Pizza Moto), and Allison and Keavy (Butter & Scotch) are our Mario, Tom, or Christina, so we love anything that elevates our vendors’ profiles beyond the realm of the markets,” says Eric Demby. First up is an episode featuring Bon Chovie’s Neill and Renae Holland, who share how to make their excellent clambake at home. Watch them in action, straight ahead.