Pharma Company Not Too Excited About Chicago Distillery’s ‘OxyContin’ Cocktail

Inspiration comes in many doses.
Inspiration comes in many doses. Photo: Wikimedia

If the authorities have an issue with Urban Outfitters selling a coffee mug that looks a lot like a prescription-drug bottle, it’s likely that one agency or another is about to have major problems with the cocktail called OxyContin at month-old Chicago distillery and restaurant CH Distillery. The drink contains lapsang souchong tea–infused gin and ginger syrup, in addition to other benign ingredients that may taste great together and may even relive some kind of pain, but Connecticut-based Purdue Pharma, which actually produces the drug, isn’t too happy. “We object to any unlicensed use of our trademark,” its senior director tells Time Out Chicago, “and particularly to this use.” [Time Out Chicago]