London Restaurant Mo Pho Will Get to Keep Its Name After All

The works.
The works. Photo: Courtesy of Mo Pho

That whole potential infringement lawsuit over the word Pho in a restaurant’s name from yesterday? Just pho-geddaboudit. The owners of the London-based Pho will not pursue legal action against the independent noodle shop Mo Pho after all. “Recently, after we came under attack by a large US chain restaurant hoping to enter the UK, we received legal advice to follow IP law to protect our brand name,” the growing chain’s owners explain, “which meant asking all restaurants — large and small — to change their name if it included the word Pho.” Stephen and Juliette Wall reiterate they were never trying to trademark the soup itself, which happens to be the national dish of Vietnam, just the word as intellectual property in conjunction with their restaurant. The Walls say they will not go after independent Vietnamese restaurants that have the word in their names. [Pho Cafe/Twitter, Earlier]