Own a Piece of Mesa Grill

Chairs and things included!
Chairs and things included! Photo: Therese-Heather Belen

Bobby Flay’s pioneering Mesa Grill closed over the long weekend, ending its monumental 22-year run, and this afternoon the contents of the Southwestern American restaurant go up for auction. Everything from panini grills to food processors are up for grabs, and it looks like a lot of the dining room furniture will go, too. Flay told Grub Street last month that increased rents were to blame for the shuttering. In the meantime, he and business partner Laurence Kretchmer will open Gato, a 147-seat restaurant serving a Mediterranean-influenced and Spanish menu, early next year at 324 Lafayette Street. The chef also pledges to find a new space for Mesa Grill in NYC. [Amodeo, Earlier, Related]