MercBar Closes for Good

Owner John McDonald, outside MercBar in 2011.
Owner John McDonald, outside MercBar in 2011. Photo: Melissa Hom

Soho’s MercBar has been going strong for more than twenty years, so it’s somewhat surprising to learn that tonight will be its last. John McDonald, who also owns Lure Fishbar, El Toro Blanco and Burger and Barrel, is shuttering his first New York venture, located at 151 Mercer Street. “After 7,519 nights of non-stop nightlife the wear and tear on the building has taken its toll,” he says. “To every person who worked here, to every customer that walked in for the last two decades, I thank you for it all.” Per McDonald, the cost of the building’s upkeep didn’t make sense, so he’s opting to close instead: “It’s sad and nostalgic, but it’s time.”