McDonald’s Capitalizes on the Cachet of ‘Steak’ for Breakfast Menu

Hey, look, ermahgerd, it's steak.
Hey, look, ermahgerd, it's steak. Photo: Courtesy of McDonald's

In its latest round of fast-food one-upmanship, McDonald’s is bringing steak to its breakfast menu. Customers can now upgrade any breakfast sandwich by adding steak — or the patty-shaped processed beef the chain calls “steak.” Beefy upgrades cost a dollar per patty, giving rise to a new range of hitherto unknown glorified menu items like the Double Steak McGriddle or Steak and Egg McMuffin. “Consumers perceive steak as a high-quality meat,” Businessweek reports, and the move is all about improving the perception of the chain’s food as quality. Put a steak on it! [Businessweek]