Trouble at Pig and Khao: Leah Cohen’s Suing Rick Camac’s Restaurant Group

Cohen and her father invested $400,000 in her restaurant.
Cohen and her father invested $400,000 in her restaurant. Photo: Bryan Bedder/Getty Images

Rick Camac clearly has questionable judgement: The man launched his management company in conjunction with the opening of Scott Disick’s ill-fated restaurant, after all. Now Leah Cohen is suing Camac’s New York Restaurant Services Group for violating the business deal for Pig and Khao. According to TMZ, Cohen’s suit alleges that Camac had agreed to split ownership of the restaurant in exchange for his management services, but his company never paid staff members, suppliers, or taxes — resulting in $47,283 of debt. Cohen’s landlord wants her out, and she, of course, wants out of her business relationship with Camac. Beware, Stephen Starr. [Earlier, TMZ via Eater NY]