Jerry’s Cafe Closes in Tribeca

The blue neon was a holdover from Jerry's on Prince Street.

The dressed-up Chambers Street diner once described by a Bloomberg spokesman to be "like a City Hall cafeteria with better food" has closed after five years in business. Jerry's Cafe was actually a reboot of owner Jerry Joseph's original Soho restaurant of the same name, which came to an abrupt end on Prince Street in 2008 in order to make room for a Michael Kors boutique. Jerry's was known for its comfy red-leather booths, wonderful French fries, and a steady influx of City Hall types. Though no reason was given, comments at Tribeca Citizen blame the ongoing road construction on Chambers Street for the restaurant's demise. In the meantime, Joseph himself signed off on Facebook, thanking the community for its support over the years. [Tribeca Citizen, Related]