Godzilla Creators Sue NOLA Brewing Over ‘Mecha HopZilla’

Raaaarrrrrgh! Photo: Courtesy of NOLA Brewing Co.

Tokyo-based film company Toho, which happens to own the trademark for Godzilla, is suing the New Orleans Lager & Ale Brewing Co. over the release of its Mecha HopZilla, a delicious-sounding imperial IPA released earlier this year. The movie company says the brewery did not pay to use the trademark of its similarly named and robo-statured beast, while NOLA Brewing president Kirk Coco says he’d never heard of Toho before the suit. Let’s hope the two parties will be able to settle out of court, but not in the middle of a busy city harbor or while traipsing across the cables of a commuter-packed suspension bridge with jet fighters firing missiles at them — i.e., just like monsters. [AP/Miami Herald]