Dead Rat, Cash Money Found in Grocery Store Food

Eek. Photo: iStockphoto

But not at the same time: An unemployed Oregon man discovered a crisp $100 bill tucked into a store-bought box of snickerdoodles over the weekend. This prompted a return visit to his local Walmart, where he’d purchased the marked-down cookies for $1.20, and the subsequent discovery of yet another Benjamin in one of the remaining snickerdoodle boxes, which is downright cheerful compared to the tale of the New Hampshire woman who opened a can of frozen Minute Maid lemonade and says she found a decomposing rat within. Parent company Coca-Cola says its manufacturing and quality control protocols preclude things like rats in cans; meanwhile, the woman claims to have suffered PTSD and says she’s unable to stroll down the frozen foods aisle. It’s like the old saying: When life gives you a rat-filled tube of frozen lemonade mix, you may be entitled to financial compensation. [KPTV, Consumerist]