Ocean City’s Fractured Prune Doughnuts Opening in New York

Serious question: Would you eat a doughnut that is completely covered in sprinkles? Photo: Courtesy of Fractured Prune/Facebook

The new owner of the regional 37-year-old Maryland-based Fractured Prune Doughnuts chain has announced plans to open 50 stores throughout the country during the next three years. The local market for yeasted and cake doughnuts is all the more crowded in the age of the vaunted cronut, not to mention the 500-odd Dunkin' Donuts locations sprinkled across the five boroughs, but CEO Dan Brinton says that his are made-to-order, and the Fractured Prune's roster of customizable icings and toppings set the chain apart. Shops offer French toast and blueberry flavors, the Baltimore Sun reports, and while the more baroque M&Ms; and Froot Loop studded varieties seem kind of like serious crimes against doughnuts, at least one can take solace in the knowledge that the plain sugared option is always available. No word on where the Fractured Prune may land in the city, but we've got a line out to the chain. [Baltimore Sun, Related]