Fatty Crew Strikes Back, Claims It Terminated Leah Cohen’s Contract In July

Drama. Photo: Pig and Khao/Facebook

Leah Cohen’s lawsuit against Rick Camac’s management company just got even uglier: Grub received word from Fatty Crew Hospitality Group and New York Restaurant Services Group’s lawyer, who says that Cohen’s claims are in retaliation to the attempted termination of her contract at Pig and Khao. Read the whole statement, straight ahead.

From Kevin Sean O’Donoghue, a partner at restaurant law firm Helbraun Levey & O’Donoghue, LLP, legal counsel to Fatty Crew Hospitality Group and New York Restaurant Services Group, which provides management services to Pig and Khao:

“We are disappointed that Ms. Cohen has released inaccurate information and is filing false allegations against Fatty Crew Hospitality Group. The claims are in retaliation to a termination of Ms. Cohen’s contract as the chef in July of 2013, but she was not removed pending a deal to buy out Mr. Camac’s 50% ownership interest. We will defend and controvert these claims before the Court as soon as our client is served. We expect Pig and Khao to continue operating, and are confident that all legal matters will be sufficiently resolved by the Court. We have no further comment until this matter is decided.”

Hopefully all parties involved can resolve their differences to pay the government $47,283 of debt.

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