Status Update: ‘Facebook’-Flavored Ice Cream Exists

It's unclear if Facebook likes this.
It's unclear if Facebook likes this.Photo: Valentino-Tisno/Facebook

As Facebook steadily makes money off the world’s “likes,” two ice-cream-makers at a little shop called Valentino-Tisno in Croatia are cashing in on everyone else’s obsession. After noting how compulsively one owner’s daughter checked the site, the entrepreneurs realized there was a widespread craving that needed sating, and so they developed “Facebook” ice cream. It doesn’t take much to mimic the social-media giant, apparently: The novelty flavor is just vanilla mixed with blue syrup (it somehow tastes “like gum”), but since it’s displayed with the company’s trademark, the ice cream has been getting a lot of “likes.” PSFK notes that the proprietors “admit they hadn’t contacted Mark Zuckerberg for trademark use but would if the company reached out to them.” [PSFK]