Samuel Wallace Edwards Jr. of Edwards Hams Has Died

Man with a ham, circa 1949.
Man with a ham, circa 1949. Photo: Courtesy of Edwards Ham

Surry, Virginia, country-ham-maker Samuel Wallace Edwards Jr. died last week at the age of 82. Over at Garden & Gun, John T. Edge calls him a “guiding food world light,” while Allan Benton recalls his admiration for the man who served as curemaster at Edwards for more than 50 years and as its president for more than 30. Traditional methods are used to cure the company’s hams, which many believe surpass the fine prosciutto in texture and flavor, and chefs like Sean Brock and David Chang have long championed Edwards products. “In an age when people were choosing to go after a quick buck, he stayed true—to the recipe, the methods, the history, everything,” says employee Keith Roberts. [Garden & Gun]