Here’s Dennis Rodman’s Weirdo Kim Jong-un Pistachio Ad


It’s a well-established fact that Dennis “The Worm” Rodman and Kim “The Dictator From North Korea Who Quite Possibly Had His Own Ex-Girlfriend Executed in Front of Her Family” Jong-un are BFFs, but that’s still probably not an excuse for this pistachio ad, which features Worm and a Kim Jong-un look-alike. The ad barely makes sense: Rodman eats some pistachios, the dictator blows him up, the end. Go buy pistachios. It caused at least one Washington Post writer to wonder what this life of ours is all about: “Is the increasing visibility of Rodman someone’s way of telling us that we have been taking ourselves too seriously as a species?” See what we mean, and watch the vid below if you like.

Dennis Rodman’s weird, terrible, un-Wonderful pistachios commercial [WaPo]