Watch Daniel Boulud Get Right Down to Business in the Trailer for Daniel: My French Cuisine


The illustrious chef, who grew up on a farm and only stepped foot in a restaurant for the first time when he was 14, has penned a series of great cookbooks, but the forthcoming Daniel: My French Cuisine has the look and feel of an opus. Out October 15, the book contains more than 75 recipes, including several served at the chef’s Upper East Side flagship, as well as French-farm-boy-inspired deep cuts like veal kidney à la graisse with black radish and the entire “Iconic Sessions” section of the book, written by Bill Buford and filled with old-school recipes like the roasted jambon au foin, an enormous piece of pork butt roasted in hay with root vegetables and a dome of pastry to lock the moisture in — basically, eighteenth-century sous vide. The très intense trailer, straight ahead.