Cronut Inventor Dominique Ansel’s New Creation Is the ‘Magic Soufflé’

It's even got its own box. Photo: Melissa Hom

Dominique Ansel inventor of the cronut and frozen s'more has another new creation ready to go. He's calling it the "magic soufflé," and it debuts this weekend at the Spring Street bakery. It's essentially a chocolate soufflé entombed in orange-blossom-scented brioche, and much like the aforementioned cronut, it's another feat of pastry engineering.

Ansel tells Grub Street he's using the roster of ingredients that would go in a traditional soufflé chocolate, sugar, egg whites, a small amount of flour but in different proportions. No gelatin or strange hydrocolloids are used, he says, and the soufflé remains risen even as it's proofed inside a zest- and orange-blossom-water-infused brioche dough for two arduous hours.


A close-up of the molten center.Photo: Melissa Hom

The result is a rectangular mini-tower of brioche with a soufflé and molten chocolate center. Ansel, who coincidentally says he hated when customers requested traditional soufflés at Daniel because he thought ramekins were "too old-fashioned," says there's also a touch of Grand Marnier in there, somewhere. While the presentation may be novel, the format is decidedly old-school: The chef says the dessert should only be consumed on the spot when still warm from the bakery's oven.

Staff will begin doling out a few samples of the magic soufflé tomorrow, and the three-in-one dessert officially goes on sale Saturday. The cost: $7.

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