Charlie Trotter Says He Didn’t Flip Out on Art Students

He also never goes to 7-Eleven.
He also never goes to 7-Eleven. Photo: WGN-TV

The acclaimed Chicago chef more or less denied that he asked art-program students to clean his toilets and get Charlie Trotter–themed tattoos last week during a bizarre alleged meltdown inside his now-closed fine-dining restaurant. DNAinfo talks to the chef, who says he asked the kids in a friendly way to tidy up and to “wipe around the rim of the toilets” in advance of their art exhibit. Trotter doesn’t really address the expletive-laden rants the kids’ parents claimed to have heard, but he scoffs at the suggestion he’d ever ask anyone to get his likeness as a permanent tattoo. “You know me well enough,” he tells the site. “That’s not the way I roll.” [DNAinfo, Earlier]