Small Town Desperate for Chef, Offers Rent-Free Restaurant

They should turn this idea into a reality show.
They should turn this idea into a reality show. Photo: iStockphoto

Up in Catskill, New York — slogan: “Not the Catskills. Catskill” — residents and a development team are looking for a chef that’s willing to be the main draw for their aspiring dining destination. Their sales pitch: Come to town with a restaurant concept at least as innovative as “farm to table” and the village will give you a prime Main Street location rent-free for a year.

The deal is part of a larger campaign to make the sleepy Hudson River town more attractive to tourists and second-homers. But Nina Sklanksy, the former copywriter who spearheads the village’s rebranding, doesn’t want too much success: “God forbid if the place turns into something like Hudson,” she says, referencing the town where Zak Pelaccio is serving foraged mushrooms and seasonal prix fixes at Fish & Game.

The town hopes the marching-band music and numerous perks featured in this eager promotional video will woo their food-loving white knight. Though several candidates have expressed interest so far, none of them has yet to satisfy Catskill’s lonely, hungry hearts. The perfect chef is still out there, somewhere.

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