Campbell’s Launching Line of Soups for Keurig Coffee Machines

Because they can.
Because they can. Photo: Campbell's

Call it chicken soup for the K-cup machine: Campbell’s Soup Company announced that next year it’ll start selling three flavors in single-serve packs compatible with Keurig machines, including Chicken Broth and Noodle, which is just bonkers. The company previously admitted it had staked out several crucial “hipster hubs” during R&D; of its jazzy Go! line, so it’s likely that was indeed a soup-company goon in the office break room last month who asked you to fill out a lengthy survey just after he caught you muttering, half out loud, “Damn, I wish this mocha nut fudge had more dehydrated carrots and noodles in it, and much less mocha.” [AP, Related]