Here’s Your Chance to Keep Los Pollos Hermanos in Business

No prior international drug trafficking experience required!
No prior international drug trafficking experience required!Photo: Courtesy of Screenbid

Sure, a $1,000 minimum bid gets you in the running to own Walter White’s Pontiac Aztec (one of three used on Breaking Bad; it doesn’t run), but there’s enough Los Pollos Hermanos swag in this blockbuster auction of props from the show to boot up a fried-chicken franchise (and/or meth front) in the privacy of your own home. Ten-piece buckets start at $25, the minimum bid for (empty) batter buckets is $150, and there are also stickers and name tags. Sony, which does not need to keep Gus Fring’s paper goods in inventory any more, hopes the auction will raise $2 million. [Screenbid via Consumerist, Earlier, Related]