MAD Chefs Help Rebuild Mogadishu Restaurant Targeted by Suicide Bombs

Photo: Vimeo

René Redzepi and other chefs from Noma’s MAD food symposium have banded together to start a crowd-funding campaign for Ahmed Jama, who spoke at last month’s symposium. Over the weekend, a branch of the chef’s restaurant the Village in Mogadishu was the site of two blasts that killed at least eighteen people, almost one year after two suicide bombers detonated explosives just outside and killed fourteen people. Jama says he has no thoughts of closing for business because of the ongoing violence. “I won’t let this stop me. I will start clean up tomorrow,” he told the BBC. Supporters like Anthony Bourdain have now helped the campaign past the halfway mark of its 12,500 euro goal. Hear how Jama overcame violence to bring the first modern restaurant to Mogadishu in a touching video from the MAD symposium, straight ahead.

Rebuild Ahmed Jama’s The Village [Go Fund Me]