A.G. Kitchen Seemingly Embellishes Praise for Its Guacamole

Strong words.
Strong words. Photo: Paul Kulik

A reader alerted us to the words “Guacamole Trio Rocks,” attributed to New York and affixed to the front window of UWS restaurant A.G. Kitchen. The avocados therein waiting to be mashed with lime and whatnot may indeed possess excellent natural rhythm, but that emphatic phrase has seemingly never appeared in the magazine, anywhere. (Other somewhat misleading street-side boasts include “Best Cubano Ever,” attributed to the Times, which seemingly originated here.) For now we’ll give the comfort-food spot the benefit of the tortilla and also offer up some quasi-official replacement text on the house: “’That guacamole trio looks pretty decent, and we may try it someday!’ —Grub Street.” You guys can totally go ahead and print that. [Earlier]