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Joe & MissesDoe Opens; BrisketTown’s Madison Square Eats Tacos

• From September 27 to October 25, Daniel Delaney of BrisketTown will be running a new operation called TacoTown during Madison Square Eats. He'll serve up his beloved brisket tacos, which garnered the designation of Best Breakfast from New York, alongside tacos stuffed with fried Brussels sprouts, pulled pork, and fried chicken. [Eater NY]

The Leadbelly is launching a new Tuesday trivia night. Groups of one to six are welcome to join, and there will be prizes. To book your team e-mail [Grub Street]

• On September 20 from 5 to 9 p.m., Feeding the 5000 is launching the first Disco Soup in the U.S. at Pier 57. In an effort to raise awareness about global food waste, the one-day event will offer free meals for hundreds made from 1,200 kilograms of food that would have otherwise been wasted. The surplus will be donated to the Food Bank for New York City. RSVP here. [Grub Street]

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Iceland Latest Country to Go Bacon Crazy

Even the pigs are Vikings in Iceland.

Thanks to the people behind Iowa's Blue Ribbon Bacon Festival, Reykjavik, Iceland, now plays host to a very popular bacon festival. Apparently under the impression that bacon doesn't get enough airtime, the board took it upon itself to spread the storied strips' influence to the tiny island nation, launching a food festival that reportedly rivals the best of the Midwest. But really, how hard could it possibly be to convince Icelanders to eat bacon when the alternatives are whale steaks and fermented shark meat? [Des Moines Register]

Trouble at Pig and Khao: Leah Cohen’s Suing Rick Camac’s Restaurant Group

Cohen and her father invested $400,000 in her restaurant.

Rick Camac clearly has questionable judgement: The man launched his management company in conjunction with the opening of Scott Disick's ill-fated restaurant, after all. Now Leah Cohen is suing Camac's New York Restaurant Services Group for violating the business deal for Pig and Khao. According to TMZ, Cohen's suit alleges that Camac had agreed to split ownership of the restaurant in exchange for his management services, but his company never paid staff members, suppliers, or taxes — resulting in $47,283 of debt. Cohen's landlord wants her out, and she, of course, wants out of her business relationship with Camac. Beware, Stephen Starr. [Earlier, TMZ via Eater NY]

Neighbors Not Happy to Discover La Marina Can Legally Host Huge Parties

Oops: While neighbors and community board members were under the impression that La Marina — the giant waterfront bar and restaurant in Inwood — had a 500-person capacity limit, it came out this week that the venue actually has permission to host 1,800 people at a time. According to DNAinfo, the revelation has left at least one CB12 member "bewildered." [DNAinfo]

Grub Street’s Restaurant Power Rankings: Nakazawa and Estela Take the Top Spots

Photo: iStockphoto

If you've noticed that New York's restaurants feel a lot more crowded than they did, say, three weeks ago, you aren't alone. As summer officially draws to a close, there are plenty of intriguing fall openings on the horizon. But as all those crowds indicate, there are also plenty of fantastic, much-talked-about options to choose from right now. See what's up in this week's Power Rankings.

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Daniel Patterson Will Cook at Momofuku Ko Next Month

Exciting news: The Coi chef is coming to New York on October 14 to prepare a one-night-only nine-course dinner at Momofuku Ko. There will be two seatings at 6 and 9:30 p.m., and the meal costs $285 per person ($395 if you opt for beverage pairings). Tax and tip are included, which is no surprise considering Patterson backed up David Chang on the idea of abolishing tipping. Tickets will become available online this Tuesday, September 24, at 10 a.m. Set an alarm: Who knows if Patterson will ever open his own restaurant in New York? [Momofuku Long Play]

Top Chef Masters Recap: Dave Hill on Lobster Burgers and Caramelized Bacon

Sang is back already!Photo: Bravo

Hello. This is culinary aficionado and reality-television goddamn expert Dave Hill checking in with another important recap of Top Chef Masters, the popular program on the Bravo network that us “foodies” just can’t get enough of.

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Association of Food Journalists’ Writing Competition Announces Winners

Congrats — and enjoy the celebratory meals.

The Association of Food Journalists announced the 53 winners of its annual competition, and they include the San Francisco Chronicle (Best Newspaper Food Coverage), Drew Lazor (Best Newspaper Food Feature for "Acts of Will"), and Sauce Magazine's Kellie Hynes (Best Food Column). Check out the full list, straight ahead.

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Watch Wylie Dufresne Discuss the Lab-Grown Burger

Chef-scientist Wylie Dufresne sat down with the Verge to chat about the technological advancements in cooking and show off cool lab gadgets in his wd~50 kitchen. But he's not a fan of the burger made from cow stem cells: "I like the idea of a cow and the life cycle it goes through," he says. "I think it's a little disconnected and certainly kind of creepy that your food could just be grown in a petri dish." While there's not much new info for food audiences, it's still a thoughtful, interesting interview.

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Hillary Clinton’s Nonxistent Presidential Campaign Gets Its Own Wine

Hillary Clinton may be keeping quiet over her presidential bid, but her victory has already been pressed, fermented, and bottled by an overeager Hudson Valley winery. Clinton Vineyard (amazingly, no relation) launched Victory, a Seyval Blanc that hopes to be the clincher for a Clinton presidential campaign. What will Victory for Hillary taste like? Perfectly balanced and buttery soft, apparently — though we'd have expected more steely acid. [Time]

Frank Falcinelli and Frank Castronovo on Res, René Redzepi, and Le Fooding

Falcinelli, left, and Castronovo.Photo: Philip Lewis/Bloomberg

This year's Le Fooding New York events are some intriguing-sounding culinary time-travel-tinged dinners, to be held at the new Res space in Red Hook on September 27 and 28. Participants include French chef Yves Camdeborde, Peter Gordon of the Sugar Club in Auckland, and, of course, Res (and Frankie's 457 and Prime Meats) owners Frank Falcinelli and Frank Castronovo. Grub Street spoke with Falcinelli and Castronovo about Le Fooding, the progress of Res, and traveling the world, scouting food festivals and city streets looking for chefs who might want to come cook in Red Hook for a bit.

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Watch Funny or Die’s ‘Honest’ Version of the Chipotle Scarecrow Video

Last week, Chipotle's "Scarecrow" video — which is basically a very well done commercial — blew up the Internet and furthered the belief that Chipotle is a virtuous fast-food chain committed to animal and planetary welfare, while those other giant food companies are evil steroid-mongers. (Also, the soundtrack was a very lovely version of "Pure Imagination" by Fiona Apple.) But as we all know, if something is popular on the Internet, a parody or three will soon come along. Right on schedule, here's Funny or Die's "honest" version of the Chipotle ad. Watch it, straight ahead. Then go get a veggie burrito for lunch.

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Here’s the Complete List of 58 Extraordinary Coffee Shops — With a Map!

The best beard in the business.Photo: Courtesy of Sump Coffee

In case you missed it: Grub put together a giant roundup of 58 extraordinary coffee shops around America yesterday. After it went up, a few people asked for a single giant list of all of the spots in the rundown. Well, ask and you shall receive — we've even included a map of all of the shops on the list (multiple locations where noted), so you can quickly find the spot that's closest to you. You'll still want to consult the slideshow to learn what, exactly, makes each shop noteworthy, but if you're just seeking a quick shot of excellent espresso, look no further than this post.

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Read Michelle Obama’s Speech on Food Marketing

The First Lady, opening yesterday's summit.Photo: Evan Vucci/AP/Corbis

The First Lady continues her efforts to curb junk-food advertising aimed at children. Yesterday, she opened a summit on the issue and urged food manufacturers to basically use their powers for good, not evil. In an opening speech, she said she's confident that companies can "remain competitive and profitable" by marketing things like actual fruit instead of Froot Loops. She also asked media companies to regulate how much junk-food advertising appears in their outlets (asking media companies to please be mindful about who's buying advertising space is sort of like asking gun owners to please leave their firearms at home when they go to Starbucks — unlikely to resonate). In any event, it remains to be seen whether the First Lady's efforts will do any good, but you can read the complete White House transcript of the speech straight ahead.

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Top Chef Production Company Up for Sale

If you've ever thought, Gee, I'd like to own part, or all, of the company that produces Top Chef, you're in luck. Variety says Magical Elves, the production company in question, is currently reviewing bids from potential buyers. Estimates put the company's worth at between $80 and $100 million. In addition to Top Chef and Top Chef Masters, the twelve-year-old company also produces other projects, like Cold Justice and Fashion Star. If you do buy it, Grub Street requests that you please make it your first order of business to replace that creepy little elf logo. [Variety]

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