The Tristate Area Is Apparently Not a Great Place to Buy Wine

It shouldn't be such a struggle.
It shouldn't be such a struggle. Photo: ADEK MICA/AFP/Getty Images

The American Wine Consumer Coalition conducted a survey on which states are the best for wine drinkers and gave New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut a D-plus for “wine friendliness.” The questionable survey was based on the following criteria, ranked from most to least important: “winery shipping (consumers being able to buy directly from wineries); state control of retail wine sales; an ability to buy wines from any wine retailer in the country; being allowed to buy wine on Sunday; the ability to buy wine in grocery stores; and the freedom to bring wine to restaurants (BYO).” In the tristate area, wines can’t be shipped from out-of-state retailers or bought at grocery stores — but is that actually important? For what it’s worth, California, District of Columbia, Missouri, Nebraska, New Hampshire, Oregon, and Virginia all received an A-plus. [WSJ]