The Game Denied Service at Houston’s Because of His Tattoos

"NEVER eating @ Houston's restaurants as long as I live!"
"NEVER eating @ Houston's restaurants as long as I live!"Photo: McAf / Splash News

If you see #DontEatAtHoustonsPasadena trending, credit the rapper. The Game says that when he tried to eat lunch there, a manager turned him away: “Its [sic] 90 degrees outside so I have a tank top on & the manager on duty says the tattoos on my arms are threatening 2 lunch customers … Racism still exists,” he tweeted. He’s (rightfully) arguing that this is an issue of racial profiling, but the restaurant is maintaining that it was just enforcing its strict dress code that requires sleeves. The Game’s 1,130,862 followers are helping him take down that Houston’s outpost, but in the meantime he’s found acceptance at California Pizza Kitchen. [E!]