Taco Bell Rolls Out Fried Breakfast Waffle ‘Taco’

It's like a regular waffle but more bendy! Bendy waffle!

You're in luck, Fresno. The people who brought you "Fourth Meal" and "First Meal" (in that order), not to mention Mountain Dew breakfast beverage "mixology," will start selling its new and improved breakfast taco at 100 stores starting Thursday. (Omaha and Chattanooga, congrats to you, too.) The fast-food chain test-marketed the new menu item a few months back, and the tweaked model consists of a fried waffle in the shape of a hard taco shell that's filled with sausage and scrambled eggs. Without the syrup packets on the side, it comes in at 460 calories and 30 grams of fat, and it's inevitably going national. [AP, Earlier, Earlier]