Woman Douses Customers With Soy Sauce and Chocolate Milk During Racially Motivated Spree

The 52-year-old poured chocolate milk on customers.
The 52-year-old poured chocolate milk on customers. Photo: iStockphoto

On Saturday, customers at Dim Sum King in Seattle made the unwelcome discovery that food fights are not as fun when they’re real and racially motivated, as made clear when an unnamed woman burst into the restaurant and began yelling ethnic slurs. Police say the 52-year-old woman knocked over plates, yelled “Go back to China” at customers, and at one point even poured chocolate milk and soy sauce over a father and his infant son. The woman was arrested, which we would guess might bring more satisfaction to the wronged patrons than the free meal offered by a South Carolina restaurant as feeble consolation for refusing service to a group of 25 black customers last week when a white customer at Wild Wing Cafe reported feeling “threatened.” [Seattle 911, USAT]