Shake Shack Rolls Out ‘Fresh-Cut’ Fries

Make it nice, fry them twice.
Make it nice, fry them twice. Photo: Courtesy of Shake Shack

As of about an hour ago, customers at the Upper East Side Shake Shack have been getting French fries made in house from Idaho russet potatoes with their ShackBurgers. A Hamburger Today points out that the booming chainlet’s practice of using frozen food-service fries has long been a distraction, at least to some, from Shake Shack’s overall burger awesomeness. Fresh fries will only be available uptown for now, Shake Shack chief executive Randy Garutti tells the blog, but he says that all outlets will eventually be making the switch, adding, “It will take us some months to remodel our current kitchens before the switchover from frozen crinkle cuts to fresh fries.” [Shake Shack, A Hamburger Today, Related]