Alan Richman Defends His Mighty Quinn’s Tale

<em>GQ</em> vs. MQ
GQ vs. MQ Photo: Jemal Countess/Getty Images

The GQ critic is sticking to his story that a Mighty Quinn’s Barbeque clerk refused to serve him at Smorgasburg until a line “of substantial length” (25 people and three baby carriages) formed. Mighty Quinn’s Micha Magid and Hugh Mangum are denying that this ever happened, of course. “Their point is irrelevant,” Richman writes in a blog post on “I was not reporting on Mighty Quinn’s company policy. I was writing about what happened to me. They didn’t see it. They have no idea.” In case the clerk needs reminding, Richman describes himself as “the not-so-young guy with a pen in hand, writing down everything she said in a notebook” — and then shares a play-by-play of everything he wrote down that day. Regardless of what went down, Richman might need to work on being more discreet while on the job. A little help, Pete? [Earlier, GQ]