Quality Italian’s Chicken Parm Now $58 and Apparently Customizable

That ain't pizza.
That ain't pizza. Photo: Sarah Silberg/New York Magazine

Quality Italian’s wacky signature dish, a colossal chicken parm for two served on a tin pizza tray and “carved” on arrival with a pizza cutter, is a certified hit, judging by its appearance on practically every table the other night. This despite the fact that it costs $58 (already up six bucks from its opening price and even more expensive than Carbone’s hefty veal parm). But has its Dr. Frankenstein, chef Scott Tacinelli, created a monster? Overheard from a relentlessly demanding customer who failed to realize that he was dining in a restaurant — albeit one that serves chicken parms on pizza tins — and not a Patchogue Chuck E. Cheese’s: “I want it without parmesan but with extra mozzarella … and not too much sauce,” he bellowed in all sincerity to a waiter. [Earlier]