Prince Dined and Dashed at Costata, and He Still Hasn’t Paid

Obviously he doesn't carry petty cash.
Obviously he doesn't carry petty cash. Photo: Ethan Miller/Getty Images

On Friday, Prince waltzed into Costata “with an afro and a pimp cane.” His guests feasted; Prince drank Royal Blush Champagne-vodka cocktails. When the check came, Prince handed it to his security guard. The security guard then called Prince’s manager, who realized that he forgot to give Prince money. The guard gave his number to the staff and said he’d follow up and pay the bill the next day. (Prince’s new single is called “Breakfast Can Wait.” Paying apparently can, too.) And yet a rep for Michael White’s Altamarea Group confirms to Grub that Costata is “still waiting.” Meanwhile, Prince continues to conduct business as usual: He performed an insane five-hour show at City Winery with Doug E. Fresh and Larry Graham last night and has probably forgotten all about the bill. [NYP, JadaBird/Twitter]