Oysters Dying Off in Vast Numbers Along French Coast

Everybody herps.
Everybody herps. Photo: iStockphoto

French women may not get fat, but, more important, French oyster populations sometimes get infested with Vibrio, which kills them. The president of a domestic shellfish grower’s association tells the Telegraph that Vibro aesturianus has killed “50 to 80 percent of saleable oysters” along France’s western coast and part of the Mediterranean in the last month alone. A surfeit of “unusual weather conditions” is likely to blame for the outbreak, which is particularly bad news because the bacteria kills raw-bar-size oysters that would otherwise be ready for market. Five years ago, a virus called oyster herpes virus type 1 (yes, oysters get herps, too) killed billions of young oysters in the same region. [Telegraph UK, Earlier]