Omission Beer Can Now Officially Call Itself ‘Gluten-Free’

Cheers. Photo: iStockphoto

The Food and Drug Administration standardized the definition of what foods can and cannot be labeled “gluten-free” on Friday, a move that’s actually going to work out pretty well for the Portland, Oregon–based Omission Brewery. Unlike other beer companies that brew with non-gluten grains like sorghum, Omission brews the traditional gluten-containing ingredients and then “uses a scientific process to reduce gluten content down to levels safe enough even for those with mild gluten allergies,” notes Food Republic. Earlier, the company had to decorate its labels with all kinds of qualifiers like “processed” and “treated,” but because the new FDA rules allow food manufacturers to use “gluten-free” labels as long as their products test to under twenty parts per million, the company will soon be able to simplify things. [Food Republic, Earlier]