Very Old Booze Bottles Recovered From Fulton Street Pit

Who's got ice?
Who's got ice? Photo: Chrysalis Archaeology/Facebook

DNAInfo reports that archaeologists working in conjunction with the city recovered more than 100 old liquor bottles — but not a drop of ancient whiskey or some other colonial spirit — at a dig near Titanic Memorial Park. Alyssa Loora says the number of old bottles is the real find, and estimates that the collection dates to the late-eighteenth century when the ‘hood was just a fresh socializing spot for sailors, not the ooze pit it became later in the mid-nineteenth century, when everyone’s idea of fun was relaxing with a room-temperature rye and watching some guy bite the head off a live wharf rat in an amphitheater-like saloon littered with rodent bones. Those were the days. [DNAInfo]